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Learn the Drums

in-person, or online, or both!
Start Drum Lessons

Flexible, Friendly, Fully Personalised Drum Lessons

Come to the London drum studios, or have a tutor visit your home, or connect via video online.


Drum lessons tailored to fit your learning style

All skill levels, genres, and topics


Flexible timetable – learn when it suits you

Go at a pace that works for you


Take formal qualifications or learn just-for-fun

You can switch direction any time


Access the online resources from anywhere

Practice anytime on any device

Learn the Drums – your way!

Choose your own mix with blended learning.

Blended Learning
Blended learning accelerates progress in drumming and is fully adaptable to all types of learner of any age.

What you get

  • Instant access to all online resources, courses and self-guided content.
  • A login to your dashboard where you can arrange and manage your 1-to-1 lessons.
  • Ability to book in-person lessons to suit your schedule and location. In-person lessons are taken at the studios in London*, at your home**, or over the internet by video***.
  • A massive 50% discount (HALF PRICE!) for all in-person drum lessons. You will make back the £30 monthly fee in savings in the first taught lesson. Take as many lessons as you like per month, to suit your schedule and budget.
* Choose the studio location nearest to where you live or work. The drum studios are located in central, north, south, east and west London.
** Home visit lessons are available within a 10-mile radius (and generally within the M25). It is also possible to have home tuition outside of London via our partners at the Drum Teacher Network. You will need a drum kit at home for the lessons to take place.
*** Taking drum lessons by video means that it doesn’t matter about location – there are no restrictions on where you live. You will need an internet connection and a smartphone, laptop or other video camera.
†  Lessons are half price and cost only £30, meaning you save £30 on every single lesson. The cost of the monthly subscription fee is £30 per month, so this amount is saved simply by taking one in-person lesson a month.